Single Leg Absorber Lanyards
Single Leg Absorber Lanyards
Single Leg Absorber Lanyards

Single Leg Absorber Lanyards

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**Australian Made Lanyards - if stock is available 1-2 days despatch time, lead time 2 weeks to manufacture.**

Lanyards are designed to be the flexible link between a harness and attachment point providing you with the maximum safety possible. Ferno absorber lanyards are designed to limit the force or shock load sustained in the event of a fall to under 6 kN.

Ferno offer a full range of Australian Standards approved energy absorbing lanyards that provide a solution to any height safety scenarios. 

Hardware Options:
  • Steel screw gate karabiner (SG Biner)
  • Steel large triplock karabiner (TL Biner)
  • Steel scaffold hook (Scaf Hook)
  • Steel double action hook (DA Hook)
  • Alloy screw gate karabiner (AL SG Biner)
  • Alloy triplock karabiner (AL TL Biner)
  • Alloy scaff hook (AL Scaff Hook)
  • Alloy double action hook (AL DA Hook)

    Which harness is right for you? Download Ferno's Harness Ready Reckoner and Inspection Guideline.

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